Young scientists make sophisticated shoes to prevent border crossings, shots will be needed

Bangla Hunt Desk: This time the soldiers will be able to shoot at the enemies with guns as well as shoes. Soldiers deployed to guard the country's borders will get the news of the infiltration in advance. It may be mentioned that Shyam Chaurasia, a young scientist from Narendra Modi's parliamentary constituency of Varanasi, has made a shoe with which the Indian Army can get the news of an enemy 20 km away. These shoes will also work to keep the feet of the soldiers warm, starting from shooting at the enemies.

Shyam Chaurasia, a young scientist, said the militants sneaked in through the country's borders. Intelligence shoes have been made to warn the soldiers of that intrusion. The shoes are fitted with a special type of sensor, through which the army can receive news of enemies 20 km away.

Young scientist Shyam has fitted two folding 9mm gun barrels to these high-tech shoes for emergencies. With this barrel the army can easily fire. These shoes will be useful in providing protection to the soldiers in an emergency. Shyam said the shoe will work with radio frequencies and mobile networks. This sophisticated shoe weighs 750 grams. These shoes are made of steel and rubber.

These shoes will work like a heater in the bone-chilling cold. As a result, the feet of the soldiers will be warm. The shoes also have a solar charging system. The shoes are fitted with steel sheets, solar plate radio circuits and electronic triggers. Its laser sensor and human sensor will be placed at the border, then the shoe will immediately send a signal to the jawan as soon as any intruder tries to enter the country.