Your Apple AirTag just cannot say horseshit but it can say shit horse

Immediately after what feels like ages of rumors, speculation, and worry that I was obtaining way also obsessed with a Bluetooth item tracker that appeared very similar to kinds produced by quite a few other companies, AirTags are at last below. But before you preorder the Mentos-esque pucks, there’s some thing you really should be mindful of: if you want to engrave your AirTags, you can’t incorporate a horse and poop emoji in that purchase.

That is appropriate, the emoji model of “horseshit” is a no-go when finding an engraving for Apple’s newest item. Here’s what comes about when you test to make that your engraving of preference:

Apple says no to “horseshit” in emoji kind.

Curiously, poop and then horse (“shit horse”) is entirely fine, however.

Apple has no dilemma with “shit horse”.

Fictional horse excrement is good recreation too. Even with being a horn away from staying precisely the exact same emoji, “unicorn shit” is effective fantastic.

Apple is additional forgiving of fictional horses.

As do emoji representations I tried using for “snake shit,” “monkey shit,” “chicken shit,” and even “shit fowl.”

Identical limits utilize to precise offensive text as well. Apple provides you just more than enough letters for some innovative diction, but catches some of the obvious offenders. “SUCK,” “NSFW,” and “BUTT” are nonetheless on the table nevertheless.

This is all pretty silly on some level, but steady with the conservative California Dad lens by means of which Apple appears to make most of its item choices. The very same emoji constraints are current on AirPods and iPad engravings, for case in point. Though on those people units, “horseshit” does look to operate — so if you actually want to brand your AirPods situation that way, go for it.

We’ve achieved out to Apple to see if these constraints are deliberate or a bug.