‘Your little one will come to you just in time’, an emotional post by Shakti Tagore


BanglaHunt Desk: Another star fall in the world of acting. Veteran actor Shakti Thakur died of a heart attack on Monday morning. Monali Thakur has posted an emotional post on social media about her father's death. The singer has written that she has always accepted her father as her role model.

In a long post, Monali writes, her biggest critic and teacher was her father. Monali has never seen such a kind and funny person. Shakti Tagore had a very sharp brain.

Monali started dreaming after seeing her father. He wanted to be like his father. Her heart is broken, but she is proud she is the daughter of Shakti Thakur. In this way, he will make his father proud with his work for the rest of his life, Monali has promised.

Dad left without hurting anyone. Just like the king. This is what the singer wrote in the post. He wrote, ‘Chhotu, your father will be strong. I bow to you. Mother Nature has heard my prayers, you did not have to suffer. You are gone in peace. Because this is how God cares for the pious. My father, be well, your little one will come to you just in time. See you again. Lots of caresses. '

The eldest daughter Mehul first broke the bad news on social media. Veteran actor Shakti Tagore died of a heart attack on Monday morning. The world of acting mourned his death.