Zahir Khan said, where is the match between Dada and Dhoni's dictatorship?


Left-arm pacer Zaheer Khan, who won the 2011 World Cup, said that when a young cricketer began his cricketing career in international cricket, he needed help. Especially from his teammates and captains. If that young cricketer gets proper help at that time, it is very beneficial to have his career in order. Especially when a young cricketer sets foot in international cricket, he is very nervous and therefore the captain should stand by him at that time.

Indian left-arm pacer Zaheer Khan has played for most of his career under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. That is why he saw the captaincy of these two captains from the front. Zaheer Khan says Sourav Ganguly has always stood beside young cricketers. Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and even Virender Sehwag helped Sourav Ganguly when he started his cricket career. He stood by them and helped them build a career. Zaheer Khan feels that Mahendra Singh Dhoni plays the same role as Dada as captain, always standing beside the young cricketers and inspiring them.

Zaheer Khan said both Dada and Dhoni have long captained the Indian cricket team. I saw their captaincy from the very front. Both Dada and Dhoni stood by the young cricketers and encouraged them.

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