Zidane's fight in the World Cup final! After 14 years, the real secret of the incident came to light.


Various things have happened in the FIFA World Cup. However, one of the most memorable events in the FIFA World Cup was the 2006 FIFA World Cup match between France and Italy in which Italy captain Materazzi was punched in the head by French captain Zinedine Zidane. That incident is still remembered by football fans. And that incident shattered France's dream of winning the World Cup. After that incident, Zinedine Zidane had to leave the field after seeing a red card in the last World Cup match of his life. But what happened suddenly that caused a calm footballer like Zidane to warm up and hit the opponent's footballer?

So far this incident has remained a mystery. No one knows exactly what happened that day, it is not yet known exactly what happened between the two that day. Different people expressed different opinions about that incident. But neither Zidane nor Materazzi spoke publicly about the incident.

The events of that day finally came to light after 14 years. The real reason behind the incident of that day was stated by Materazzi of Italy. Materazzi told exactly what happened that day. In an interview with a news agency, Materazzi said Zinedine Zidane was playing great football that day. After Zidane scored a goal against us, our coach scolded me a lot, he told me to mark Zidane well. But I couldn't stop Zidane even after trying a lot. And so the sledging between the two of us started, again and again I annoyed Zidane in many ways. At one stage our conflict took on extreme proportions. I grabbed Zidane's jersey and then Zidane asked me will you take my jersey? Then I told her I wanted to take your sister. And then Zidane lost his temper and punched me in the head.