Zomato helps the restaurant and its employees in bad times


BanglaHunt Desk: The whole country is already stunned because of Coroner. The third largest economy in the world. Along with many other industries, the food industry has been affected. Food delivery applications that are involved in the same way. As a result, they too.

Despite the losses, the Food Delivery Company has said that all money earned from their Gold Member subscription will go to the restaurant and their staff. The move has been taken to restore the restaurant industry to its former state, Zomato said.

In a recent blog, Zomato stated that all proceeds from the Gold Member subscription that we sold in April will go to the fund. The fund will help restaurant staff, kitchens and servers during these uncertain times. The recipients of these funds will not be required to return them to us.

Zomato users can contribute to the fund by purchasing or raising an annual Zomato Gold Member subscription for Rs 1,200. As a thank you note, users will receive a 2-year membership from Zomato.

Every day, the number of coronas in the world is jumping. Corona virus is pandemic in the world The whole world is almost overwhelmed. India has not increased its patronage. At any moment, we can reach the third stage of the infection.

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