Zomato is going to deliver wine from house to house in India


Banglahunt Desk: Zomato, one of India's leading food delivery companies, has started planning for home delivery of liquor. It is learned that they have taken such a decision after seeing the nationwide demand for liquor in the lockdown.

However, there is currently no legal validity for home delivery of alcohol in India. However, the international spirits and wines association of India (ISWI) has demanded that the government approve home delivery of liquor. If the government approves it, Zomato will be able to make home delivery of alcohol. Officials of the food delivery company also think that this will reduce the line at the liquor store.

“Alcohol consumption can be encouraged if home delivery of alcohol is done with the help of technology,” Zomato CEO Mohit Gupta told a news conference. Jomato said it would only provide this benefit where corona virus infection is low.

A report states that the state gets 10-15 per cent of the revenue from the duty on alcohol. In the state's own tax revenue department, excise duty comes second or third, the first number is goods and services tax i.e. GST.

According to a report by the Reserve Bank of India, in 2012-2019, 29 states and union territories like Delhi and Puducherry had a total budget of Rs 1,75,501 crore from excise duty on liquor. This was 16% more than the previous year 2018-19.