'Zuma Boudi' warming up with hot pants crop top, viral photo


BanglaHunt Desk: Intrinsic belief, does it feel familiar to hear the name? Many may not say. But there are rarely people who don't know monalisa. Monalisa's real name is Antara. Bhojpuri is the 'sensation' of the film but he is actually an early Bengali girl. His popularity skyrocketed ever since Hitchcock's popular webseries 'Noon Thakurpo'. The fact that Jhumma Boudi sat in the throes of Thakurpod can only be seen in the popularity of the series.

Not only in the celluloid screen or the television world, his popularity on the netdunia also skyrocketed. His fan following on social media is increasing day by day. It will not happen or why. He shared his hot pictures and videos with his fans almost every day. Those images are bound to blow the minds of the youths.

Now, like many others, Monalisa is in the home quarantine. He spends time at home, sometimes exercising, sometimes books and sometimes talking to her husband. Monalisa starred in the second season of a popular series called 'Nazar'. But now the shooting is stopped, he has to spend time sharing old pictures.

But this time, Monalisa shared some new photos on her Instagram handle. He took pictures at home. The actress was caught in a very light-tempered mood. It appears that he is wearing small hotpants and crop tops. This hot picture of Monalisa is known to the fans.

The number of likes has exceeded 25,000 in just a few days after posting the picture. Netizens are commenting on Monalisa's image. This image has become quite viral since being shared.

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